Thank you for visiting The Futures HealthCore’s website. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information regarding our company.

At Futures, our clinicians, customers and patients are treated with the highest personal and professional respect. We recognize that all can exercise choice in the working relationships they seek and maintain within the health care community. It is our goal to preserve long and successful relationships.

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Who We Are:

The Futures HealthCore, LLC, is a healthcare staffing and management company that provides programs for public and private schools, individuals with developmental disabilities, early intervention, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and community based providers with a continuum of resources from professional staffing and clinical assessments through the operation of delivery systems.

Futures is a clinician owned and managed company, and because all members of the operational management staff are practicing clinicians, we are able to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the clinical, as well as the administrative, issues inherent in providing clinical services.

Our clinical teams consist of the following professionals:

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Who We Serve:

Futures provides clinical supports to over 7000 people in 8 states including Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York and Rhode Island. Services are provided in the following settings:

  • Public and Private Schools
  • Programs for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
  • Early Intervention
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Community Based Providers
  • Others

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What We Do:

Clinical Intervention: The staff at Futures provides clinical intervention services in settings that include public and private schools, programs for people with developmental disabilities, skilled nursing facilities, early intervention programs, home health care, and hospitals.

Caseload and Staffing Analyses: Based on both quantitative and qualitative
program reviews, these analyses provide objective clinical and financial assessments of specific operations within an organization. These assessments provide administrators with the management tools necessary to make informed clinical and fiscal decisions relative to service delivery.

Clinical Consultation: The staff of Futures is able to provide focused consultation services in a variety of clinical settings. Because Futures has been able to attract clinicians with a significant scope of experience, the consultation provided is expert, functional, and oriented toward successful outcomes.

System Analysis and Redesign: This program is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of clinical programs in community-based delivery systems. The information and recommendations provided through this process enables administrators to improve overall service delivery relative to quality and efficiency while containing escalating costs.


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What We Believe:

Futures is a company that was founded on the values of respect for individuals, collegiality among clinicians, and the performance of authentic work. This belief system is put into practice every day by our clinicians and management staff who are committed to:

Authentic Work: This is work that makes a real difference in the lives of the people entrusted to our care. Because we believe that our clinicians represent the true strength of our company, their clinical work is valued and recognized as the reason our company exists.

Sensible Cost: At Futures, we believe it is possible to establish and maintain outstanding clinical services and programs while implementing sensible cost-containment strategies. We do not believe that these goals are mutually exclusive.

Supporting Lives: We strive to ensure that our work is thoughtful, caring, and directed toward outcomes that matter in the lives of the people we serve.

We look forward to working with you and your organization in a collaborative effort to help the people we support build better lives.

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