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Welcome to Digital Memories Scanning Service


Welcome to DIGITAL Memories scanning service. Digital Memories specializes in digitizing your traditional photography collection. Our services will preserve your old photos, 35mm slides, negatives, old photo albums, and APS film by transferring and converting your memories into digital format.

We’re a small family owned business that provides personal service, quality work, and a level of trust that larger entities just can’t offer. Learn more about our slide scanning, negative scanning, photo scanning, and aps film scanning today!



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Our Scanning Services


> Photo Scanning to Digital
> Scan Photo Albums to Digital
> Slide Scanning to Digital
> Negative Scanning to Digital
> APS / Advantix Film Scanning
> Photo Restoration Services
> DVD Slide Shows
> Home Movies to DVD
> Online Backup Service & Cloud Storage

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Photo Scanning Service

Photo Scanning and Digitizing Services for Prints and Loose Photos to CD

Don't let those old photos fade away! Preserve them with our photo scanning service. Our photo scanning services are the perfect way to make the photo collection available to the entire family. Once your photos are transferred into digital form it's easy to create reprints, share them online, and scrapbook without destroying your originals.

We think you’ll be thrilled with our premium print scanning services. Please take a few minutes to learn more now!

>>> Print Scanning Services

Photo Album Scanning Service

Click to Learn More about Photo Album Scanning & Digitizing Services

Wouldn't it be nice if all those old photo albums could be turned into digital photo albums? Well now they can be! Our photo album scanning service does just that, makes your traditional photo albums digital.

You'll never need to worry about a disaster, fire, flood, hurricane, or earthquake again. It's easy to backup your photo albums once made digital. Ordering reprints, sharing photos online, scrap booking, and distributing a copy to the entire family is easy. Click below to learn more now!

>>> Photo Album Scanning

Slide Scanning Service

Learn More about our Slide Scanning Services Now!

We offer slide scanning services for families and for professional photographers.
Remember those old slides stowed away in the closet? Well it's time to get them out and digitize them! It's time to clean out the closet, toss the old slide projector, and convert those old slides into digital pictures.

If you're a professional photographer we have a solution for you as well. Click below to learn more about our slide scanning service.

>>> Slide Scanning

Negative Scanning Service

Transfer your Negatives to CD or DVD today with our Negative Scanning & Digitizing Services

Transfer your old 35mm negatives to digital format today! We have what it takes to create beautiful digital images form your 110, medium format, APS, and 35mm negatives. Our negative scanning services include FREE image enhancements that are sure to please.

We offer negative scanning options for professional photographers and for families. Click below to learn about transferring your negatives into digital format.

>>> Negative Scanning

APS Film & Advantix Cartridge Scanning Service

APS Film Cartridges converted into digital photos. Click to Learn More about our APS / Advantix Film Scanning Service

Bring your Advanced Photo System film into the 21st century with our APS / Advantix film scanning services.

Send us your APS cartridges and we'll scan and digitize them with premium Nikon scanners that produce beautiful digital images from your developed film. You can then archive, edit, view, create reprints, and scrapbook using your new digital images. Preserve your baby's toothless grin, or relive your wedding day with the click of a mouse today! Click below to learn more.

>>> APS/Advantix Scanning

Online Backup / Cloud Storage & Sharing with MiMedia

Click here to learn more about
online backup and sharing services

Protect, preserve, & share your Digital Memories! Access your new digital photos from any computer, from your iPad or iPhone, and share them with family and friends, on Facebook, or through email with just a few mouse clicks. How's this possible? Watch the video to the left to learn more.

We've joined forces with MiMedia providing you an amazing new approach to online backup – a way to protect, access, enjoy, and share your digital life all in one place.

Best of all, your free trial is included with our scanning & digitizing service. We'll even upload your scans free of charge. Click below to learn more.

>>> Learn more about Online Backup / Cloud Storage
and Sharing with MiMedia

How Our Scanning & Digitizing Service Works

Our process is simple. You send us your traditional collection, we scan and digitize everything, we securely FedEx your originals and new digital photos back to you, you then enjoy your new Digital Memories! We’ve worked with thousands of people just like you. We offer scanning options for Families, for Special Snapshots, and for Professional Photographers. We think trust is important when choosing a provider to transfer and digitize your valuables.

Please take ten minutes and get to know us by viewing the rest of our web site. When you're ready to get started it’s as simple as downloading an order form to send in with your photos, slides, negatives, albums, or APS film. Click below to learn more about how our scanning service works.


How Our Scanning Service Works
Send us your photos, albums, slides, negatives, and APS cartidges.We Scan and Digitize your photos, albums, slides, negatives, and film.After Scanning & Digitizing you enjoy your new Digital Memories!

Take 10 Minutes & Learn More about our Scanning & Digitizing Service by Clicking the Button to the Right Now!More about how our scanning service works.Learn More about our Scanning Service


Benefits of Digitizing - Digital is Forever, Digital Photos are Easy to Use, Digital Photos are Easy to Backup, Digital Photos never Fade, Discolor, or Age


Three Scanning Services - for Families, Special Snapshots, & Pro's

Ever used a “scanning or digitizing” service?

If not don't worry! We’ve made the experience easy for you. You don’t need a degree in digital imaging to take advantage of our scanning and digitizing service. We’ve created three all inclusive options that contain everything you’ll need to have a successful transfer. Click the “Learn More” button below and we’ll walk you through the details. It’s that simple.

Three Scanning Services:
1. Scanning Services for Families
2. Scanning Services for Special Snapshots
3. Scanning Services for Professional Photographers



Three Scanning Services setup for your specific needs.

Three Scanning Services, For Families, For Special Snapshots, For Pros Three Scanning Services to Best Serve You!
  Learn More about our Three Scanning Services for Families, Special Photos, and Professional Photographers