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Scanning Service Reviews - Customer Feedback & Comments

  Our Scanning & Digitizing Service comes with a Money Back Guarantee

One of the best ways to get a feel for a service is to read reviews from past customers. Below are just a few reviews of our scanning service. These service reviews are from people who felt the need to email after receiving their scans.

We realize that customer satisfaction is crucial to our business and that trusting a company with the family heirlooms, or your prized photos and slides, can be scary. We’re a small family owned business with Mid-Western values. All work on your photos, slides, and negatives is done in house right here in Ohio, not in India or Costa Rica. Our work always comes with a 100% money back guarantee. We’ve worked with thousands of people just like you. Below you’ll find just a few of the comments we’ve received from truly happy customers.

You might also wish to learn a bit about who we are, and why trust is important to our small business at this link - About Digital Memories.


Scanning Service Reviews and Customer Comments

Walnut Creek, CA

Thanks for the prompt processing and delivery of my latest order. This is the 5th time that you've handled our family photos. I want to thank you for all your excellent work. Last December I used my scans from a previous order to publish a photo book that we gave to our son on his wedding day. The current order will be used to publish a photo book to give to our daughter when she celebrates her birthday with the family next July at her home near Lake Shasta. I look forward to sending you more of our family photos in the coming months.

Harry T.

Brooklyn, NY


Yesterday I received my slide scanning order. Thank you for getting it done so quickly. You asked for feedback and as a veteran professional photographer, I'm happy to see you're interested in hearing from your customers, even after you've completed the job.

I am incredibly impressed by the quality of your work! I never thought my slides would look this good once made digital. I have been scanning a lot of them at my office with a lower-end film scanner and am extremely frustrated with the whole process. It's very time-consuming and my results never match the original, despite having expert knowledge of calibration, toning, and color correction in Photoshop. Moreover, without Digital Ice, I can never fully remove dust and hair from my slides. You have succeeded beautifully in all of these areas. My slides look like digital images I shot yesterday! Moreover, your prices are by far the best I've found (and believe me, I looked). You are providing a genuinely valuable service to photographers, and consumers, by doing so many important digital alterations at such a reasonable price per slide.

You did a great job. I will be recommending you to all of my photographer friends. I will certainly have more of my own slides for you to scan in the near future. Feel free to quote my feedback in sales literature, etc.

Best Wishes,
Ron S.

Franklin, TN


Glad I'm able to contribute to your business. I have lots more coming, and now my wife has embarked on an initiative with her family that will keep the ******** family at the top of your list for a while. Thanks for the excellent service and high quality work.

Shandy H.

Cedar Lake, IN


I received my pictures today. I couldn't be happier...that was just what I needed! I sat here and looked at pictures from my beautiful wedding almost 5 years ago and I thought of my husband for a good hour. I can't wait for him to come home on R&R and see these too! (He is in Iraq right now). I showed them to my daughter and she kept saying "Mama!! Dada!! Look! Dada!" It was great and wonderful!

Thank you so very much again. I love them!

Jenn McB.

San Clemente, CA


I got my scans yesterday - you guys are awesome! They are done so well. I had had them done a couple years ago by another company. I paid more than what you charged and it was so bad I threw it all away! I'm also really glad to find out you're a family-owned small biz.

If you need references, you can sure use me! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Leeayn C.

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Hamilton, OH


Just wanted you to know that I received my slides and cd's today. I've already put them into my Kodak program where I can enhance and organize them. I have burned several cd's for my children so they can have the collections also. I am so glad that I found your business. It saved a lot of memories. My children will now have 40 years of memories of their growing up and the many good times they experience throughbirthday parties, trips, school functions, and holidays during their early years. Thank you again for helping me accomplish something that I thought would never happen.

Carita B.

Tulsa, OK


I just wanted to write and say "Thank You." The scans of my ten year old wedding negatives arrived today. Your company did a wonderful job. It was like seeing the pictures for the first time...only better. :-) I will be recommending Digital Memories to friends and family and will certainly be using your services again in the future!

Jennifer W.

Carmell Valley, CA


You did an excellent job digitizing my slides. I really appreciate the quality, as well at the communications, letting me know you had received them, were working on them, and had completed and shipped them. Excellent job and excellent service.

Thanks again,
Patrick D.

Greensboro, GA


I just received my restored photograph and digitized negatives. Both were of exceptional quality. I have sent additional negatives for processing today. Besides the quality of your product your customer service and communications are outstanding. In another service industry Netflix has been recognized as one of the best managed companies. You are right up there with them.

Thank You,
John K.

Atlanta, GA


I want to thank you and your staff for your efforts over the past year in helping me digitize my entire slide collection. I scanned the first 1,000 slides myself and quickly figured out that it just took too much effort. I'm glad I found you guys on the Internet.

I'm happy to serve as a reference, should your future business require it. I've also attached a short testimonial which, I hope, you could use in your marketing. Please feel free to edit the testimonial below as you see fit.

"I wanted to digitize all 8,253 slides in my collection. I scanned the first thousand myself and quickly realized that it just took too much effort. Thankfully I found Digital Memories online and had them complete the job. Their service was the perfect choice for my needs, delivering high quality scans at a very affordable price."

Wayne F.

What We Do - Scanning & Digitizing Services for Family Photos, for Special Snapshots, and for Pro's

Scan & Convert Photo Prints into digital images for preservation, archiving, and sharing.Scan and Digitize Photo Albums for future generations.Scan old Slides to digital images saved on CD or DVD.Scan Negatives into digital images saved on CD or DVD by digitizing.APS and Advantix  film rolls and cartridges converted into digital images, negatives to cd.
Three Scanning Services 1 - For Families 2 - For Special Snapshots 3 - For Professional PhotographersLearn about Digital MemoriesHow our Scanning & Digitizing Services work to preserve your photos, slides, negatives, and photo albums.

New York, NY


Thank you so much for the work on my slides from 1974. The photos look beautiful
and bring back so many memories and the way you did the contact sheets in the binder
is excellent. I will be sending more slides to you and will recommend you to my friends and family.

Great work!
Maxine G.

N. Hollywood, CA


I am very pleased with the scans you did of my slides. They were slides from when I was a kid (we won't say how far back). I am so happy to finally be able to see them without holding a slide up to the light and squinting. I only had a mere 32 but my father has many many trays and his slide projector is failing.

I see by the brochure that you sent with my order than you transfer home movies to DVD. I'm in the LA area and I know there are many companies that do this here but I have been so very happy with the service you have given me that I'd be willing to risk sending the tapes in the mail (FedEx would be best I assume). Thank you.

Thanks for you help,
Robin B.

Middletown, NY


I just wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding job you did on my pictures to video. I've been wanting to do this for a really long time and I just happened to come upon your web site, and am so thankful I found you.

This was a gift for my mother in law's 68th birthday. The pictures covered times from her childhood all the way up to her grandchildren. The DVD slide show came out beautifully. It was so much more than I had expected. We watched it with a room full of family members. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making such a beautiful memory for us! My mother in law said, "it was the best gift she ever got". She watches it everyday. Thank you again!!! Your work was excellent. I will be recommending you to everyone I know!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you!!!!!!

Jeanine D.

Davis, CA


I received my scanning order, and I want to thank you and your colleagues for an excellent job, superb service and an outstanding organization. I will be back!

Enrique L.

Naples, FL


Thank you so much. I think you do a spectacular job. Very relieved to know you exist!

Jean H.

Brooklyn, NY


Thank you for the CD of my slides. All looks great. A pleasure to work with you.

Gary W.

Piedmont, CA


I just got my order and everything looks great. You did a wonderful job transferring my Dad's old slides to digital media. You did a great job and I will use you guys again.

Brian F.

Nashville, TN


The photos look great and I'm very pleased with the results. All look as good as the original or better. I'll be sending in another order in a few days.

Melanie H.

Elicott City, MD


Just wanted to let you know that I received my scanning order today and am very happy with the results. As expected, there are a few pictures of family members that are terrific and will be highly valued!

Thanks for your services and I will definitely use you again as we find more slides “in the attic”.

Mike G.

New York, NY


After we receive this shipment, we will be sending more. We're very excited about taking these old family slides and putting them into usable form, but we're doing it in installments "just in case." We loved the first shipment completed in December.

Barry B.

Owatonna, MN


Thank you for the excellent work you've done to make our memories so special. I'm sure I'll have more slides for you to digitize as time allows.

Paul K.

Roanoke, VA


Everything is in order and the photos turned out fine.
I'm looking forward to using your service again in the future.

Thanks again,
Luke F.

Naples, FL


Please tell everyone thank you for doing this. You guys rock.
I love the quality of the photos you converted for me. I will use you in the future and recommend you to my friends.

Best Wishes,
Jean H.

Aztec, NM


THANK YOU FOR A MARVELOUS JOB! This is my first experience with
transferring images to a disk, and I'm more than pleased with the outcome.

Laurie M.

Dallas, TX


Thank you so much - I appreciate everything, and yes, I have my order in progress from Shutterfly - I am going to make the deadline!!!

Your company is great, and I will be sending you lots more pics, soon!

Have a great weekend,
Kaye S.

Franklin, TN


Thank You. The slides you sent last week looked great. I'm looking forward to getting this next batch back as well. I will continue to send you slides in batches as I'm able to sort through them. We also have a lot of prints and 35mm negatives that we would like to get digitized.

Shandy H.

Atlanta, GA


Thanks for your hard work on all my orders thus far.
I've got a minute so I thought I'd provide a little bit of feedback and give you some general information about the slides you've been working on.

I started with a collection of about 9000 slides. The primary reason I want to digitize them is for archival safety, but a secondary reason is to be able to share the images with others. I don't think I'm going to pursue any commercial opportunities, but occasionally friends do ask me for images they find particularly artistic. Initially I owned a slide scanner (Minolta DiMage II) and managed to scan about 1500 of my images. It was a very labor intensive process. I enjoy the image manipulation process but I got no joy out of actually scanning.

The Bronze level of service you provide is exactly what I need. When I receive the images back, I download them and re-sort them into finer categories. Then I import them into iPhoto where I caption them. At this point I also lightly edit them. There's no way you could ever know how I'd want them edited, which is why I used the "Bronze for Pro's" level of service.

The scans you provide are very good quality. I also like that you maintain the integrity of the order of slides that I send you. But my maintaining the integrity, you save me a lot of time.

I still have about 4000 images to go. I generally prepare them in batches of about 800, so I anticipate sending you five more orders over the next eight months or so.

I hope that provides some insight. Now you don't need to hire some consumer research focus group.

With my sincere thanks....
Wayne F.

Chicago, IL


I received my scanning order today. Thanks for your rush on this non-expedited order.
Prior to finding out about y'all (I live in Virginia) I had a local shop, not an outlet, do this job, your work is much superior to theirs. You can count on me as a loyal customer, and I will be sure to tell my friends and co-workers about your great work, I hope some business comes from it!

Thanks again,

Port Jefferson Station, NY


Thank you for helping me compile approximately 1,000 prints from my wedding. Having the prints in digital format has made ordering reprints and sharing images with family and friends so much easier! Your company provided OUTSTANDING customer service from my first phone call, right through emailed order updates and the careful packaging and shipping of my prints and new DVDs and CDs. Thank you so much. I have already recommended your service to friends, and personally look forward to working with you again in the future.

Carrie F.

Boston, MA


My order arrived Friday. You did what you advertised and you did it very well and in a timely fashion. This was an excellent transaction!

Lelan McL.

Northville, MI


I received my DVD today in the mail. It turned out great!

Thank you so much,
Kelly G.

Denver, CO


Thanks Digital Memories. I love having my photos in digital format. I can finally make albums for my parents and in-laws. :) You guys have great customer support/service. It is very much appreciated.

Kerry S.

Novi, MI


To all who worked on my project: I have only one thing to say - WOW!

Thank you!
Greg G.

McLean, VA


Just wanted to say thanks! I love my pics and enjoyed all the editing, etc. I would certainly recommend you guys to other photo enthusiasts!

Loriane M.

Nashville, TN


Just wanted to drop you an email to say that the scans you did for me are just beautiful - I couldn't be happier and am going to send in another order as soon as I can get more photos organized. Fabulous job - I will be recommending you to everyone I talk to!

Gretchen P.

Neenah, WI


I got my order today. You did a wonderful job. I went right to my sewing room so I could watch my DVD slide show without anyone being suspicious. I am very pleased with your work and will refer you to anyone else thinking of doing this.

Thanks again!
Diane M.

Montgomery, TX


Thank you for sending the pictures. They turned out great. We appreciate your communication and the rapid turnaround of our order.

Patricia C.

Durwoody, GA


I just received my completed order and I could not be more satisfied. You have exceeded my expectations.

Thanks for a job well done!
George S.

Charleston, IL


WOW! Very impressive service, to say the least. I can't thank you enough.

Have a wonderful day!
Cindy E.

Bellevue, WA


I wanted to let you know the DVD slide show was a huge success. There wasn't
a dry eye in the house
. Thank you so much for your hard work in getting
this just right for me. I know it is something my cousin will remember

Thanks again,
Angela J.

Manassas, VA


I want to thank you for completing my daughters thirteenth birthday party with a bang. The DVD slide show was so awesomesome were in tears, some laughed, and some couldn't believe the amazing job that you guys have done. Thank you from all of us here in Manassas. This will forever be talked about. I'm sure future business is in store for you.

Kimberly S.

Boomfield Hills, MI


The DVD's look great! It is especially nice that the slide show and the JPEG's all fit onto one DVD. We are so pleased with the results and we really appreciate the care you have taken with our order and your efforts to get the order to us by Christmas.

Happy Holidays!
Jean K.

Altamonte Springs, FL


I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your services and very happy with the end result of my picture to dvd video that I ordered from you. You guys did a fantastic job and very fast! I passed your name along and I hope that I am able to get you more business. Everyone loved the video and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Keep up the good work!
Andrea C.

Decatur, GA


I got the pictures yesterday. All I have to say is
good job, a job well done. I already started telling
people about you all. I will definitely be doing
business with you guys again

Thanks again,
Wendell B.

Hamilton, OH


To everyone at Digital Memories:
This is the first chance I have had to write and tell you how absolutely
pleased we are with the slide show you created for us!!!
We did not really
know what to expect, but the result is even better than anything we hoped
for. You used the music we sent to perfection, it changes at just the right
moment. The pictures look great, even better than the originals in some
cases! And you took such care of the originals, which of course are baby
pictures, etc. and could never be replaced.

I want you to know that we are so happy with your work, I would recommend you to anyone I know, and I intend to do so. I'm sure we will have many questions after the wedding about who did the work. I will hand out the brochures you sent, and give
your web site address to anyone who asks. Your turn around time was really
quick, too, so we have plenty of time to work on the best way to show it at
the wedding.

You just did a great job, we have already watched it many times, and cried
many times.
Thank you again, and for all your patient answering of questions before I
even sent the pictures!

Leah W.

Orlando, FL


Thank you for the beautiful job that you did making the DVD slide show for my sister's birthday party. I had a bad experience with the invitations for the party that I ordered on the internet, so I was a little bit leery about using another company that I found on the internet. You did not let me down though, in fact you exceeded my expectations and I thank you so very much. You've restored my faith in using internet companies that I'm unfamiliar with.

Kathy B.

West Bridgewater, MA


THANK YOU so much for your help. The photos arrived this morning, and they are fabulous. I can't tell you how much this means to have these photos for my grandfather's service today. All of your efforts are appreciated.

Thank you again!

Denise M.

Los Angeles, CA


I just received my shipment. Thank you for all your hard work. You did a fabulous job of cleaning up the picture and bringing details into the foreground. I didn't even know my
grandma had earrings on!!! (Photo Restoration Order)

Thank you for all your help,
Janice W.

Vorhees, NJ


I received the DVD's yesterday. Thanks so much for doing a great job!

Anne P.

Westlake Village, CA


You guys are great! Thanks for your work on my kids pictures. I will
recommend you any time I can.

David C.

Lynden, WA


WOW! You guys are good! Thanks for the fast turn-around.

Joyce T.

Somerset, NJ


I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my order and I am very
pleased with the DVD slide show
. The pictures, even the old ones, are very clear! The
background music is perfect as well! You have done a truly professional

I look forward to working with you again in the near future!

Laura M.

Roslyn, NJ


First of all....thank you. Things could not have gone better. Your
service....your quality....everything....perfect
. Thank you. There will be
many more photographs and videos coming your way. Not just from me...but
from a bunch of my friends!

Thank you again,
Richard R.

Phoenix, AZ


Just a note to let you know I received the new 8 X 10 today and am delighted
with the results
! Thank you so much. (Photo Restoration)

Barbara W.

Royersford, PA


Thanks so much, its excellent!!!!!

Valerie P.

Freemont, CA


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the great job you did on my pictures!! I am very
pleased with the work you did and your outstanding commitment to customer
. Thanks for your prompt feedback. I really appreciate the outstanding
customer service you are providing!! You have exceeded my expectations!!
I also want to thank you for your patience with all the change requests I

Bruce B.

Robinson, IL


I received my DVD photo montage for my Mother's 60th Birthday. I am
absolutely thrilled with the results. So professional, so perfect. Thank
you for treating this project with such care and making a perfect video -
done just the way I asked. You also made it so easy to send in with your
straightforward instruction page.

I had one of these put together for my wedding by a different company and
compared to yours, it looked terrible - bad sound quality and all of my
pictures were warped. I thank you again for creating this montage for my
Mom, and I am already thinking about what events I have coming up for which
I can have you make another one. I highly recommend your work to anyone who
might be considering you. Thank you, Thank you!!!

Cecily F.

Dale City, VA


You cleaned up our old slides beautifully and we all liked you choice of
background music. We will gladly recommend Digital Memories for your
expertise and timely work to anyone we know who has need for such services.

Betty E.

San Francisco, CA


We just viewed our DVD slide show for our wedding and couldn't be more thrilled! Your transitions are fantastic, the music flows and the digitized images are top notch! Everything was done as we specified and most importantly, before our deadline... My only slight regret is not putting in more captions as I see that they add a lot to the presentation. We will strongly recommend your services to our friends, and hope to use you again in the near future!

Very Thankfully Yours,
Heidi & Gary H.

Toms River, NJ


I just finished watching the dvd picture slide show for the second time in a row, and I must write and send you a BIG Thank you. You all did such a great job. I can't thank you enough for your awesome work. You all have made a really special event even more incredible. I will defiantly be bringing my business back to you, and after showing it at my son's first Birthday this weekend, I'm quite sure you'll have a few more customers knocking at your door.

Kristi M.

Sacramento, CA


I received my DVD yesterday and the slide show looks fantastic!! I was really satisfied with the final product and your customer service was outstanding. I have referred a number of my friends and associates to your site.

Thanks again!
Meghan L.

Springfield, VA


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
You have been wonderful and I will recommend you to all my friends. I will use your services again for my next video!

Alissa L.

Lincoln, TX


Dear Digital Memories, I just received my DVD slide show and I was totally
. It is for my sons college graduation and all who has viewed it
thinks it is AWESOME!!! What a wonderful keepsake to look back on. I
appreciate the fast service, prompt shipping , and excellent care of my
precious photos. Thanks to all of you for helping make my sons memorable

Taronda S.

Framingham, MA


We have truly enjoyed our DVDs! They are wonderful. I am looking forward to taking more time and getting more photos out to you. I can't wait to show family and friends. They are going to love this concept too!

Thank you again,
Laura W.

Denver, CO


I just received my order for my wedding slide show on Friday. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am VERY pleased with the results. I will be the first to admit that I was somewhat skeptical of dealing with a company I found on the internet for something so important as a wedding slide show. However, since you received my package of pictures and music I receivedsome of the best service I have ever received. Kudos and thank you again for doing such a wonderful job. I appreciate it.

Brett H.

Lincoln Park, NJ


I received the dvd today and I was very pleased! I love it!!! Thank you so very much. You did a great job putting it all together!! I will definitely tell my friends and family about Digital Memories. Thank you again!

Anna S.

Acworth, GA


Thank you so much! I must say the service and quality I have received from you and your company are EXCELLENT!!! Thanks again so much for your service, attention, and assistance!!!

Jennifer T.

What We Do - Scanning & Digitizing Services for Family Photos, for Special Snapshots, and for Pro's

Scan & Convert Photo Prints into digital images for preservation, archiving, and sharing.Scan and Digitize Photo Albums for future generations.Scan old Slides to digital images saved on CD or DVD.Scan Negatives into digital images saved on CD or DVD by digitizing.APS and Advantix  film rolls and cartridges converted into digital images, negatives to cd.
Three Scanning Services 1 - For Families 2 - For Special Snapshots 3 - For Professional PhotographersLearn about Digital MemoriesHow our Scanning & Digitizing Services work to preserve your photos, slides, negatives, and photo albums.