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How Our Scanning Service Works

  10 Steps to Using Our Slide Scanning, Negative Scanning, & Photo Scanning & Digitizing Service

Let’s face it, converting your memories (slides, negatives, photos, and photo albums), into digital images is an important task that should be done correctly the first time by a reputable company with a proven track record that you can trust. We think it’s important that you get to know us, and our process when selecting a scanning service to digitize your valuables. We’re only a phone call or email away if you have questions.


Ten Steps to Using Our Scanning Service

1. Get to Know Us - Take 10 Minutes and Browse our Website


We’ve helped thousands of people just like yourself go digital. We’ve learned from our customer’s and found that trusting a company with the family heirlooms can be scary. We understand your concerns. That’s why getting to know us is so important. We’re a small family owned business with Mid-Western values. All work on your slides, negatives, and photos is done in house right here in Ohio (although we work with clients nationwide). Please take a few minutes to learn about our scanning services. If you have questions give us a call, 1-800-383-2903, or send us an email. We’re here to serve you.

Get to Know Us & Our Scanning Service:

1 - About Us - Get to know who we are, and why we want to earn your trust!
2 - Scan Service Reviews & Comments - See what our customers have to say.
3 - Contact Us - We encourage questions and would like to hear from you.

Learn About Us - Digital Memories Scanning & Digitizing ServicesContact Digital Memories with Your Questions about our Scanning & Digitizing Services for Photos, Slides, and NegativesGet Started by Placing a Photo Scanning, Slide Scanning, or Negative Scanning Order Today!

2. Assess Your Needs: Choose from Three Service Levels


Your memories are important! Selecting the right options when digitizing them is important. We’re not a one size fits all scanning and digitizing service. We realize that Families with thousands of slides, or negatives have different needs than a Professional photographer, and that some of your Snapshots are more valuable than others. Our goal is to present you with three options and let you decide which one will best serve you. It’s a bit like shopping for a car - some people want the luxury Cadillac, some people want a safe and secure Volvo, and other people need a fuel efficient hybrid. Our service comes in three flavors, Silver - For Families, Gold - For Special Snapshots, and Bronze - For Pro’s. Learn more about these options below.

Learn More about the Options available with our Scanning & Digitizing Services for Families, for Special Snapshots, and for Professional PhotographersPrices for Slide, Negative, Photo, Scanning & Digitizeing - Digitize Your Memories Today!Get Started by Placing a Scanning and Digitizing Order Now!

3. Get Started - Print an Order Form & Visit the Planning Guide Today!


After you’ve taken a few minutes to assess your needs it’s time to download and print your order form. There's no up-front payment, and no obligation. Your printed form can actually help you prepare and organize your valuables for a future order. Don't wait, print a form before you leave our website.

Print Your Order Form Today:
Ordering is simple, you download and print an order form, complete it, and send it along with your slides, negatives, photos, and photo albums. We don’t require a payment up front and don’t have a confusing online ordering system. >>> Print a Scanning Order Form Now

Visit the Order Planning Guide:
Once you have an order form we’ll help educate you, if desired, on the in’s and out’s of digital photography and scanning with our order planning guide. Your printed order form is also a great place to take notes when visiting the planning guide, or when you call to discuss things with us. >>>> Visit the Scan Service Order Planning Guide Now

Visit the Scanning Order Planning Guide to learn about scanning, digitizing, and converting your photos, slides, and negatives into digital images.Get Started by Placing a Scanning Order Today!

4. Prepare & Ship - Using our Tips for a Safe and Secure Conversion


We’ll help you prepare and ship your materials. Your order form has recommendations for shipping on it, packaging tips, as well as a convenient shipping label. We also have an article in the order planning guide that will help you organize, if desired, and prepare your photos, slides, and negatives. If you wish to have your photos scanned in a specific order, we can work with you, if you want images named a certain way, we can help you. If you want to insure your order during shipment and require that it be signed for on delivery we can help you. Our service is customizable, convenient, and trustworthy. Start a relationship with us by printing an order form today!

Visit the Digitizing & Scanning Order Planning Guide - Learn about Scans & ScanningDigitize your Memories Today - Get Started with your scanning order Now.

5. We Receive Your Shipment - and Contact You When Your Order Arrives


Shortly after we receive your scanning order you’ll receive an email letting you know that your shipment has been received and that your order is in progress. Your valuables are securely stored and placed in cue to be worked on after they’re carefully unpacked. You can always call or email us to check the status of your order and it’s estimated completion date.

Contact Digital Memories with Your QuestionsGet Started by Placing a Scanning Order Now!

6. We Scan & Digitize Your Photos, Slides, APS Film, & Photo Albums


Our system for scanning and digitizing photos, slides, negatives, and albums produces superior results because we use top of the line equipment, manual color adjustment and optimization, and a years of Photoshop experience that other’s just don’t have. Our turnaround times are better than most and we also have the ability to provide Rushed service for those with timely needs. We know you’ll be thrilled with your new digital images and we back all of our services with a 100% money back guarantee.

We offer Scanning & Digitizing services for Family Photos, for Special Slides & Negatives, and for Pro PhotographersScanning Service Prices - Scan services for Familes, Special Snapshots, and Pro'sConvert to Digital Today with our Photo, Slide, & Negative Scanning Service

7. We Calculate Your Total & Collect Payment - Using Your Preferences


Once we’ve scanned your images we calculate your exact number of scans. There’s no need for you to count exactly how many photos, slides, or negatives you have before placing an order. After your total is determined we’ll contact you to collect payment for your order. We respect your privacy and understand that some people are not yet comfortable using a credit card online.

We offer you three way’s to pay for your scans.
1. Using the payment section of your printed order form.
2. A credit card payment over the phone.
3. Online via a secure email link.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. If you prefer to pay by check we can work with you as well. We respect your confidential information and think that flexible payment terms are important. We also back our work with a 100% money back guarantee.

Scanning services for Family Photos, Slides, Negatives, & Advantix/APS film.Pricing for Scanning & Digitizing Services - 3 Options - for Families - for Special Snapshots - for Pro'sOrder Slide Scanning, 35mm Negative Scanning, & Photo Scanning Services Now!

8. We Securely Box & Ship via FedEx


When your order is ready to ship your original materials and new digital images are packaged with care. We’ve partnered with FedEx for it’s reliability, quick transit times, and trustworthy reputation. Your photos, slides, and negatives will be boxed securely, and shipped using FedEx Express. Using a box, instead of a padded envelope or photo mailer, keeps your valuables safe during shipment.

If you like your package can be insured during transit. We can also require that your package be signed for upon delivery assuring you that your valuables are always in good hands.

Learn about our slide scanning, negative scanning, and photo scanning options for family photos, old slides, and important negatives.Pricing for Slides to CD, Negatives to Digital, Photo Archiving & PreservationOrder Slides to CD, Negatives to Digital, Photo Scanning, & Digitizing Services.

9. You Receive Your FedEx Tracking Number


After we securely ship your order you’ll receive an email notification, or phone call if you prefer, letting you know that your order has been completed and shipped. Your email will contain your FedEx tracking number so you can monitor your shipment.

Three Scanning Service Options for Family Photos, Special Slides & Negatives, and Professional PhotographersScanning & Digitizing Service Pricing IntroductionConvert your Photos, Slides, & Negatives into digital images Now!

10. Re-Live Your Past Digitally - Share Memories with Family & Friends


Once your memories become digital the fun begins. Your scans work just like any other digital photo. You can upload them to your favorite photo sharing site, post and tag friends and relatives on Facebook, order new prints with ease, create photo books with them, use them to make a personalized photo gift, email them, back them up to multiple locations, edit them, and anything else you do with digital photos. The possibilities are endless!

More importantly digital photos never fade, discolor, or age like traditional photos do. Distributing a copy to the entire family is easy, just order extra copies of your disks. (We keep a backup copy on file for thirty days in case you wish to order extra disks at a later date.) Best of all you'll never need to worry about a fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane destroying your family history again. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

Don't let your memories fade away, preserve them digitally today!

Learn More about our Scanning & Digitizing Services for Familes, for Special Snapshots, and for Professional Photographers


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