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We think trust is important when selecting a service to bring your traditional media collection into the digital world. You'll be happy to know Digital Memories is a small business, and that you can speak directly with the founders simply by calling our 800 number. We're a family owned service run by a pair of brothers here in Ohio.

We've been recognized as a leader in our industry by some very impressive national publications. We're probably the smallest entity to ever be featured in U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, and Money Magazine. However, our customer comments say even more about us. All work on your photos, slides, and negatives is done in-house right here in Ohio (we serve clients nationwide). We've been digitizing peoples memories since 2002 and have seen many competitors come and go. We offer fair pricing, many options to best serve your unique needs, and personal service that larger businesses simply cannot offer. We think you'll be thrilled with our services. If you're not happy, we're not happy. Our work always comes with a money back guarantee.

Scanning Service Reviews & Comments:
Click below for a few reviews of our scanning service from truly satisfied customers.
Scanning Service Reviews & Customer Comments

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10 Things to Know About Digital Memories

  1. We're a Small Business.
  2. We are a Family Owned Service you can Trust.
  3. Our services are Made in the U.S.A.
  4. You'll receive personalized service that can be customized to your needs.
  5. Our work comes with a Money Back Guarantee.
  6. We're nationally recognized as a leader in our industry.
  7. We've been in business since 2002, and have worked with thousands of people just like you.
  8. You can speak directly with the founders by calling our 800 number.
  9. We use premium equipment, like the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000.
  10. We're the only service offering three all inclusive scanning options to better suit your needs.

About Digital Memories Founders


Rob - The Entrepreneur / IT Specialist
Rob brings a multitude of skills to Digital Memories. He has a diverse background in Information Technology, experience in television production, and an entrepreneurial spirit. He's been working with technology since the days of the Commodore 64 (mid 1980's). Before founding Digital Memories Rob worked as the Director of Information Technology for a local non-profit, Big Brother's Big Sister's of Central Ohio. Rob's experience in television production spans a variety of events, from local sporting events, to nationally televised NCAA football games, NHRA racing, and even a few pro wrestling events. Rob's love of photography started at the age of twelve with a point and shoot instamatic camera that never left his side. These days Rob is occasionally seen shooting landscapes in southern Ohio and West Virginia. Apart from business Rob enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and camping. When not exploring the outdoors he can be found watching ice hockey and playing guitar.

John - Customer Service / Production Manager
John contributes a strong knowledge of customer service, management experience, and a loyalty to the business that sets an impeccable example. Before co-founding Digital Memories John studied at the Ohio State University and has worked in management, and in sales for the largest wireless dealer in the Mid-West. It's been said that John has scanned more slides than any other person on the planet. His knowledge of our world class scanning system is un-matched. When away from the office John enjoys playing ice hockey and spending time with family. He's also a die-hard Buckeye fan. Speak to John now by calling our 800 number, 1-800-383-2903.

Our Story - How Digital Memories was started:


It's been quite a journey.

Our story starts with that all to hard to shop for person at Christmas, Mom!
Rob wanted to do something sentimental for her. While Christmas shopping he stumbled onto something at the local mall that sparked some interest, a wooden "photo box." The idea was to collect the best shots of the family over the years and fill the "photo box" with copies of 4x6 prints that were fading away in albums in the closet. Rob purchased the "photo box" and proceeded to rummage through the old family albums secretly selecting the best shots to surprise Mom with. After compiling a few hundred perfect photos it was time to make a copy of them to stow inside the "photo box" for delivery on Christmas day. The only problem was that making a copy of a simple 4x6 photo was something the local photo finisher didn't offer!

A light bulb went off in Rob's head, make the old photos into digital pictures and then order some new prints to fill the "photo box" with. Christmas that year was a hit and the experience sparked the business you're now reading about. It seems as though the best gift that Christmas was the idea for "Digital Memories Photo & Video." There's much more to our story, but that's how it all started years ago.

Why Choose Digital Memories?


We know how important those treasured family memories are! Choosing the right service to digitize your valuables should be a one time decision.

Customer satisfaction has always been the key to our small business. We take your satisfaction personally because we're so closely tied to the product you'll receive. If you're happy with our service please make our day by letting us know. If for some reason you're not satisfied with our work we'll correct the problem or refund your money. We've helped thousands of people go digital. Please take a moment to read a few customer's comments by clicking here.

Our service is personal. You have the opportunity to speak directly with the people who will be handling your valuables. Call and speak to John now! The scanning and digitizing industry is a fairly new market. We're not the "new kid on the block." Over the years we've seen many competitors come and go. Many scanning and digitizing services have only been in business for six months, some less than a year, and most less than a year and half. You'll be pleased to know that we've been around since the industry began in late 2002. We've pioneered many of the techniques, terms, and innovations that have shaped the industry.

We're also the only provider offering three solutions to best meet your needs. We offer solutions for families with thousands of images, a solution for those most important memories, and a solution for professional photographers. We market primarily to families, but don't shy away if you're a professional photographer. Our pro option truly is an inexpensive way to get high quality scans from a Nikon 9000 saved in un-compressed TIF format that will enable you to perform your own editing. If you're a family, our two family oriented solutions cut through all the technical jargon and give you what you need, without requiring a degree in digital imaging.

Because we're a small business we can provide a level of trust that other providers cannot offer. Some higher volume providers offer cheaper options by outsourcing labor to places like India and Costa Rica. We certainly believe in capitalism and are not opposed to solutions that compete on price by taking advantage of our very global economy. However, if price is your only concern, you may be selling yourself short. Please realize that sending your wedding photos, or that shot of your baby's toothless grin, 35,000 feet over the Pacific and through customs numerous times to a stranger you've never spoken to in a foreign land is a risk to consider when weighing your options. With our service you can rest assured that your photos, slides, negatives, and film never leave our facility here in Ohio. You'll also be supporting good U.S. jobs, which this nation desperately needs in these challenging times.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to hearing from you!

John and I would like to sincerely thank all the wonderful customers who've helped us grow our idea into a debt free, profitable, and enjoyable business. It truly is a dream come true for us! We look forward to serving many more happy clients, families, and patriots. Our success will always be dependant on the service we provide to prospects like you. Those who read and inquire about our services. We truly are here to serve your needs, because providing a valuable service to clients will determine the size of our success. A win-win, for you, and us! Contact us today to start a relationship - 800.383.2903.
Thank You,
Rob & John


Scan & Convert Photo Prints into digital images for preservation, archiving, and sharing.Scan and Digitize Photo Albums for future generations.Scan old Slides to digital images saved on CD or DVD.Scan Negatives into digital images saved on CD or DVD by digitizing.APS and Advantix  film rolls and cartridges converted into digital images, negatives to cd.
Three Scanning Services 1 - For Families 2 - For Special Snapshots 3 - For Professional PhotographersLearn about Digital MemoriesHow our Scanning & Digitizing Services work to preserve your photos, slides, negatives, and photo albums.