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Digitize your slides, negatives, and prints with our scanning service! Our services make it easy to share, edit, preserve, and organize your traditional photos. What if you could relive your wedding day with just a few clicks of the mouse? or preserve your baby's toothless grin for generations to come? Well now you can!

Our service is about options. You choose your resolution, file format, media type, level of optimization, and output options that suit your needs. We'll do our best to help you assess your needs along the way. Please see the informational links at the bottom of this page if your new to digital photogrpaphy. Feel free to contact us or call 1-800-383-2903 if you have question or need assistance. Thank you for visiting.

We can scan your prints, slides, negatives, or Advantix film. Our site is organized into two categories: Print Scanning, and Film Scanning. Please click an image or link below to learn more about our scanning services.

Click the text below to learn more:

Our Processing Options:
Bronze Scans are a great way to get RAW image data for editing or optimizing at home. With Bronze scans we leave the optimization up to you. Bronze processing is only available with film scans. Click here to learn more about Bronze Film Scanning.
Silver scans are a cost effective way to get color corrected, dust & scratch free scans from your traditional photos and film. Silver scanning can provide you with print and video ready images. Click a link to learn more: Silver Print Scanning, Silver Film Scanning.
Gold scans provide you with blemish free, color rich digital images. Gold scans produce the finest digital image short of a full blown photo restoration or retouching job. Click a link to learn more: Gold Print Scanning, Gold Film Scanning.
Pro scanning is set up with the professional in mind. We can provide you with high bit scans, your choice of color space, and access to other time consuming options that help enhance your digital workflow. Available with film scans only. Click to learn more.
High Resolution Scanned Images:
First and foremost you get high resolution digital pictures created from your prints, slides, negatives, or APS film. > Learn more about Print Scanning or Film Scanning.
JPEG or TIFF File Format:
Your new digital images will be saved to either JPEG or TIFF format. The choice is up to you. Click below to learn more about these file formats. > Learn More
Output Media: Archival CD-R or DATA DVDs:
Your new images will be saved to your choice of media. We offer Mitsui Archival Quality CD-R, or high quality Data DVDs. Click below to learn more about our media options. > Learn More
Contact Sheets:
Our contact sheets make it easy to find the photo your looking for. They'll tell you the disk number and file name of each photo. Click below to learn more. > Learn More
DVD Videos: Slide Shows
View your photos on your home theater system. We can create high quality customized DVDs of your photos after scanning. Click below to learn more. > Learn More
JPEG DVD Players and Low Res Disks:
This option is a cost effective way to view your photos on your TV and helps if you wish to email pictures to family and friends. Click below for all the details. > Learn More
Software from Adobe®:
We can provide you with industry standard fully functional software that makes having a digital photo collection truly a joy. Click below to browse our software offering. > Learn More
  Online Backup Service: Cloud Storage
Share photos with family and friends, backup all your digital photos, and access them from anywhere. We can get you started with a FREE account from MiMedia and upload your photos for you. > Learn More
Visit the Options and Extras page.
We understand that digitizing your prints, slides, or negatives should be a one time expenditure. The links below should help you make an informed and educated desicion when choosing the options that fit your needs. If you have questions or simply want to talk things over feel free to contact us or call 1-800-383-2903. We hope you find the links in bold text below helpful.

Digital Image Benefits:
This article outlines the many benefits of digital photography.

Digital Imaging in a Nutshell: This article explains digital images, Resolution, and Megapixels. It provides a brief technical background to digital imaging.

Resolution Help:
This article will help you decide which scanning resolution best suits your needs.

Print vs. Film Scanning:
This article compares print scans with film scans. It also outlines the limitations of print scanning.

JPEG vs. TIFF File Format:
This article briefly discusses these two unique file formats.

CD vs. Data DVD:
Wondering what a Data DVD is? This page will explain Data DVDs and compare them with CD-Roms.

Disk Organization:
This page explains how your disks will be organized after scanning.


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