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Adobe® Photoshop® CS: Software Details


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Productivity Redefined

Improved File Browser
File metadata search and edit
• Quickly find images without opening files by searching metadata and new customizable keywords in the File Browser. Even add custom panels and fields to metadata.
Onscreen light box
• Easily sort, compare, and flag images—even view large, high-quality previews—in the File Browser’s onscreen light box. New sharing options
• Automatically share batches of images from the File Browser in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) presentations, Web photo galleries, online print services, Picture Packages, and more.
Unparalleled efficiency
Saved Edit Log
• Automatically track editing steps and time spent on Photoshop files for easier client billing, file audits, and more.
Filter Gallery
• Browse Photoshop filters from the Filter Gallery, where you can preview stacked effects. Scripting
• Save time by automating tasks, such as outputting layers as individual files and saving Layer Comps as separate pages of an Adobe PDF file. Use built-in or custom scripts. History palette
• Experiment freely, knowing you can instantly undo or redo multiple steps with the History palette. Actions palette and Droplets
• Automate common production tasks by recording editing steps in the Actions palette and then processing batches of files with Droplets. Options bar
• Instantly access setting options for each tool from the context-sensitive Options bar. Flexible measurement systems
• Enter precise numeric values in inches, pixels, and other measurement systems. Even enter different measurements on-the-fly without changing global settings.
Customized workspace
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
• Customize, save, and print a summary of your ideal set of keyboard shortcuts, so the functions you use most are always at your fingertips. Customizable How-to Help
• Learn basic Photoshop concepts without having to search the Help system. Even create your own topics to be listed in the Help menu. Workspace and tool presets
• Customize and save your workspace and tools to instantly access your personalized Photoshop settings each time you sit down to work. Palette Well
• Arrange your desktop to suit the way you work with the easy-to-access Palette Well.
Top-quality results
Color management guidance
• Improved color management help will guide you in setting up your printers and monitor display for precise and consistent color.
Welcome Screen
• Easily discover what’s new and get more out of Photoshop by accessing tutorials, tips, and tricks from the convenient Welcome Screen. Adobe PDF security
• Protect your images by assigning passwords to your Photoshop PDF files, including multipage presentations. Multilingual spelling checker
• Avoid typos with the built-in spelling checker, which supports multiple languages and includes convenient search-and-replace functionality.
Cross-platform support
• Enjoy a smooth workflow with complete file compatibility across Macintosh and Windows® platforms.
Creative options
Professional toolset
• Create original images or modify photos using a full assortment of painting, drawing, and retouching tools. Extract Image
• Automatically isolate and mask complex areas of an image using the smart highlighting and cleanup tools of the Extract Image feature. Pattern Maker
• Create a background pattern from any image with the Pattern Maker, which automatically generates seamless tiles.
• Distort images easily with the Liquify feature.


Graphic Design Features:

Enhanced layer control
• Achieve sophisticated results by compositing images, text, and effects on hundreds of layers that you control by grouping into sets, color coding, and locking.
Nested layers
• Organize your work on up to five levels of nested layers and maintain them when importing Photoshop files into Adobe Illustrator®.
Layer Comps
• Create design variations for clients more efficiently by saving different combinations of layers within the same file as Layer Comps.
Superior output
Support for extremely large images
• Create for billboards, bus wraps, technical imaging, and more by working with images up to 300,000x300,000 pixels and up to 56 channels per file.
Vector output
• Output bitmap images with resolution-independent text and vector shapes in the same file. Annotations
• Add written or voice annotations for colleagues to review in either Photoshop or Acrobat® so?ware.
Design freedom
Special effects filters
• Easily experiment and achieve amazing results by accessing more than 95 special effects filters. Preview and apply more than one filter at a time with the new Filter Gallery.
Vector shapes
• Easily create vector-based lines, rectangles, ellipses, and polygons that you can combine and edit to use as masks and share with colleagues. Artistic brushes
• Simulate traditional fine-art techniques with dry and wet brush effects, pastel, charcoal, and more. Even use brushes to add special effects such as grass and leaves.
• Create and save custom brushes with dozens of precise settings, including size, shape, tilt, spacing, scatter, jitter and more. Even simulate canvas textures.
Spot color and duotone support
• Produce Adobe PDF files that support duotones and spot-color channels.
Advanced type control
Text on a path
• Create eye-catching typography by placing text on paths or within shapes. Edit the text at any time, even in Adobe Illustrator so?ware. Editable text
• Type vector-based text that you can quickly edit on canvas at any time. Format paragraphs with automatic hyphenation, optimal line breaks, and more.
Text to outlines
• Convert text to shapes that can be used as masks or for other special effects.
Text warping
• Quickly warp, bend, and make text conform to a variety of shapes.

Photography Features:

Full image data support

Integrated digital camera raw file support
• Get truer, higher quality output by working with the complete raw data files from most major digital camera models.
Comprehensive 16-bit support
• Perform more precise editing and retouching with expanded support for 16-bit images in core features, including layers, brushes, text, shapes, and more.
Color control
Color correction
• Improve the color, contrast, and dynamic range of any image with a comprehensive set of professional color-correction tools.
Match Color command
• Achieve a consistent look between package shots, fashion photos, and more by instantly matching the color scheme of one image to another.
Replace Color Brush
• Easily change the color of any image area while retaining the original texture and shading.
Expert manipulation
Histogram palette
• Monitor changes to your image in the Histogram palette, which dynamically updates as you make adjustments.
Shadow/Highlight correction
• Quickly improve the contrast of over- or underexposed areas of an image while preserving the overall balance of the photo using Shadow/Highlight correction.
Crop and Straighten command
• Scan multiple images at once and let Photoshop automatically straighten and save each image as an individual file.
Lens blur
• Simulate real-world blurring techniques with Lens blur.
• Automatically assemble multiple images into a seamless panorama with Adobe Photomerge technology.
Photo filters
• Achieve dramatic results by applying photo filters that mimic the effects of traditional camera filters.
Healing Brush
• Effortlessly remove dust, scratches, blemishes, wrinkles, and other flaws with the Healing Brush.
Crop tool
• Easily correct the perspective of a cropped area or distorted image.
Professional presentation
Customizable Picture Packages
• Easily showcase your images in an expanded set of professional-looking Picture Package templates, which you can now customize.
Web photo galleries
• Quickly display your photos online in Web photo galleries that can now gather feedback from viewers.
File Browser tagging
• Protect your images by adding key copyright information in the editable metadata panel of the File Browser.
Online services
• Explore new ways to share your work with direct access to online services.

Video Features:

Video and film imagery

Non-square pixel support
• Create and work with different aspect ratios to accommodate non-square pixels without distortion.
Guide presets
• Easily design using video-specific presets that show action-safe and title-safe areas of the screen.
Enhanced 16-bit compositing
• Perform more precise matte painting, 3D rendering, and other advanced film compositing with expanded support for 16-bit images in core features, including layers, brushes, and more.
Layers-to-files export
• Quickly integrate layered Photoshop artwork with a variety of video editing and compositing systems using the built-in Export Layers to Files command.

Web Production Features:

Advanced Web capabilities

Macromedia® Flash™ (SWF) file export
• Use ImageReady CS to create SWF animations, complete with vector artwork and variable text.
Streamlined HTML output
• Create leaner, more easily edited HTML with new controls for nested tables, XHTML, and more.
Image slicing
• Slice complex, layered images and apply appropriate format and compression settings to each area before exporting as an HTML table.
Sharp vector output for the Web
• Automatically ensure sharp-looking vector art and text when optimizing images for the Web.
Weighted optimization
• Smoothly vary compression settings using channels to display higher quality results in critical image areas.
Animated GIF creation
• Turn layered Photoshop or Illustrator files into compact GIF animations in a few quick steps.
Web transparency
• Instantly make Web page elements transparent by simply knocking out one or more colors, which can easily be restored to their original settings.
Dithered transparency
• Easily apply dithered transparency to Web graphics for seamless edges that blend into any Web background.
Intuitive environment
Enhanced ImageReady user interface
• Create and modify Web designs faster with multiple object selection, object grouping, and smart guides.
Improved Photoshop integration
• Enjoy quicker, more seamless integration between Photoshop and ImageReady, plus automated file saving and common commands, tools, and shortcuts.
Web Content palette
• Create and edit rollovers and other interactive Web elements more easily using the new Web Content palette.
Timesaving automation
Variable data support
• Easily import database and spreadsheet information to automate the production of Web graphics.
Conditional Actions
• Use if/then statements to make smarter, more powerful Actions in ImageReady.
Layers-as-files export
• Optimize and export individual layers as separate files for use in SWF animations and dynamic HTML.

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